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Well our site is still under construction.  It will come along slowly, evolving as we evolve.  So take a breath, breathe with us in this sometimes hectic life and please keep checking in.

We recently opened our own counseling and coaching practice while managing other gigs as well, so we are often passing each other in the midst of it.  This site and life project has been a seed in our hearts since we were young girls.  As you can see from the slide show, we have been two peas in a pod since we first met, even crawling into each others cribs.

What is in the works?

  • Quarterly interviews with some amazing people who have an abundance of wisdom and experience to share.
  • Recipes, nutrition and fitness tips
  • Blogs on a range of topics for the whole person

Please feel free to contact us if you are curious about what we are doing, want to participate, or are seeking counseling, spiritual direction, or nutritional coaching.